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About Brazclean

Who We Are

Brazclean is a professional residential and commercial cleaning service company established in Wilmington NC by Gabriela Lima and Rodrigo Dan.

It’s our passion to help our clients “come home to a clean home”. We are a friendly, hard working team. We are a detail oriented cleaning team and our main focus is to provide every client with the most outstanding cleaning service at each visit.

Brazclean has a long history of satisfied customers, and we have grown to be a trusted service for home owners looking for quality, dependable work and attention to detail

Our Founders

Gabriela and Rodrigo are the owners and founders of the business Brazclean General Services, LLC. Born in Brazil, Gabriela and Rodrigo learned the importance of hard work and dedication early on. Later, when they moved to Wilmington, North Carolina, they were determined to invest and  take advantage of the incredible opportunities offered here. They started professional services for homes, office and building common areas services. They founded Brazclean General Services, LLC in 2018. Due to the excellent service they offered, clients started to recommend their services to friends, co-workers, family members, etc. the amount of work surpassed the goal they had set for their first year in just a few months, four years later and over two hundred clients they are grateful for the wonderful clients they have.

Gabriela insists that the reason behind her drive has not changed: “It is incredible to witness how the initial cleaning improves the atmosphere of the entire home!”

For Rodrigo, the most rewarding aspect of managing such a company is “teaching our crew members leadership skills and watch them grow into a close-knit family.”

“No matter how big the company will be, their clients will always receive their personal attention”

We're better than the competition, because we're different.

Here are 5 reasons why

At Brazclean, we’re committed to providing a superior experience in everything we do. From the way we clean your home, to communication with our teams, it’s all about how you feel each time you work with us.


At Brazclean, we believe that professional cleaning services should make your life easier. All of our customer-centric services are designed with that goal in mind.

If you’re not happy with any part of our services (no matter how small) after your clean, just reach out within 24 hours and we’ll send a team over right away to fix any oversights or miscommunications — and at no cost to you.

Our cleaners are trained with customer satisfaction being one of their top priorities. In addition to being professional cleaners, our friendly respect your home and everything special that you bring to it.

Our goal is to make sure that you love that “just-got-home feeling” every single time Brazclean cleans your home.


You want to have your home cleaned because you want to spend your time doing other things you love and with the people you love. That’s why we make working with us as simple and stress-free as possible.

Not only can you select the time for your cleaners to arrive, but you can guarantee that our teams will arrive on-time. And because of the systems we have in place, they will finish the professional cleaning in a timely manner, which means you don’t have to sit around for hours waiting for your home to be ready to enjoy.

We also go above and beyond to ensure that your home is safe and secure while we’re cleaning and when we’re finished. And because we use high-quality supplies and proven cleaning techniques, you can be sure that everything in your home is being cared for, too.


We want our cleaning services to be available to as many homes and families as possible, which is why we do everything we can to provide competitive rates for our area.

The rates we charge guarantee the highest quality of home-cleaning service available without making you stress about the cost.

Because we don’t use contracts, we can adjust each service upon request. That means, we can work with your monthly budget so that you can still have your home professionally cleaned on a regular basis — even if this month’s income looks a little bit different.


If you’ve tried to customize your home cleans with any other services in town, there’s a good chance you quickly became frustrated.

Very few (if any!) home cleaning services allow for flexibility!

Thankfully, at Brazclean, our maids know how important it is for your home to be cleaned perfectly — on your terms. We understand that each home has unique cleaning needs based on its furnishings, built-ins, materials, etc. When you work with us, you can create special instructions for our team to follow at every single clean — and you can update these instructions as many times as you need!

These instructions can be for cleaning your home, as well as anything else that will make you and your family feel more comfortable and at ease with our teams in your home.

We know your home is as unique as you are and we’re happy to give it exactly what it needs.


At Brazclean, not only do we not use contracts, but we’re happy to provide both specialized, one-time services and recurring services.

Our one-time services are ideal when you’re:
+ moving into or out of a home
+ preparing to host a big event at your house
+ or just whenever that “my house needs to be cleaned!” moment arises

Our recurring services can be scheduled on your terms:
+ weekly
+ monthly
+ bi-weekly

Just tell us when to arrive and how we can help you get your home cleaned!

The best way to see what sets Brazclean apart from the competition? First-hand experience!

Give us a try by using our online scheduling system to get started today! We can’t wait to show you the difference between getting your home cleaned and having Brazclean take care of your home.

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