Extra Services

Don’t see an item included on our checklist for the type of cleaning you booked. Fear not, you can simply add-on some popular cleaning items to your booking, a la carte style. We cover items such as; inside of your appliances, detailing baseboards, inside windows, and more. Take a peek at our Extra Services and select an extra that fits your home’s cleaning needs.

Always Included

Professionally trained cleaners
Every clean is licensed, bonded, and insured
Each cleaning is unique. The lists below are a guide of what we do during the specified cleaning.
All supplies and tools (Vacuums, Mops, etc.)
Pet Friendly
Unlimited and unrivaled customer service through email and phone

Inside Oven

Clean out the inside of the oven. If your stove has two ovens, please select two oven cleanings. Please remove any items from your oven prior to our arrival if you select this option.

Inside Fridge

Clean out the inside of the fridge. If you are looking for us to clean inside the freezer as well, please be sure to thaw it prior to the maid’s arrival. The refrigerator section does not need to be  thawed to complete this service.

Detailed Blinds

The dust cleaning of the blinds is already included in the deep cleaning, but if you want a wet cleaning on the blinds, add this extra to your cleaning by selecting the number of blinds in the house. 

Inside Cabinets

Please remove any items from your cabinets prior to our arrival if you select this option. We don’t want to accidentally break anything! If the cabinets are not empty, the cleaning of the cabinets will be cancelled.

Detailed Baseboards

We will wipe down all the baseboards in your home. The price of this extra is based on the size of your home. Please select how many square feet are in the house.

First Standard Cleaning

If your home has not been professionally cleaned within the last 30 days, please select this option. If there is a lot of dirt in your house, ask for our deep cleaning. If there is a lot of dirt in the house, and you don’t want a deep cleaning, the cleaning will be canceled.

If you are booking a recurring service, this option will only be saved to the first cleaning. You can request to add it to a future cleaning at any time.